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We are privileged as a club to have such a diverse range of sponsors, of whom without their support none of this would be possible. Please do get in and support these guys whenever you get the chance and don't forget about our members discounts available! sponsor-2015-forster-surf-sport sponsor-2015-bellevue sponsor-2015-hogs-breath-cafe sponsor-2015-golden-age-media sponsor-2015-otterbox sponsor-2015-grand-flavour sponsor-2015-sam-elbourne sponsor-2015-unite sponsor-2015-matilda-blue sponsor-2015-da-boogie-man sponsor-2015-colleens sponsor-2015-caught-by-eve sponsor-2015-riptide sponsor-2015-salty-threads sponsor-2015-advocate sponsor-2015-primarysponsor-2015-forster-meat-chicken sponsor-2015-raw-edge