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Contest Information

Competitions are held last Sunday of each month from February to November Meet at One Mile Mid Car Park (end of Strand Street) 7am Sign on must be completed before 7.30am Briefing will commence at 7.30am when the beach and any changes or special conditions will be announced. Beach - Contest Director will announce the beach for competition at the briefing. The decision will take into account safety of ALL Competitors, surf ability, access to beach for equipment and in case of emergency and changes in condition due to weather and tides. The contest director decision is final. Cancelation will only occur if in the opinion of the contest director the conditions are too dangerous or there are absolutely no surfable waves. We SURF no matter how small. Competition Start - 1st heat begins 8am, meaning riders are in the water by 7.55am Draw will be posted on a board outside the Tally tent. It will show the heat number.  It is the competitor’s responsibility to check the draw for the heat rash shirt colour and time. Competition Area - No Free surf is allowed in the competition zone, if caught surfing in the zone, points will be ducted from each rider. Rash Shirts - The colour of Rashy will be alongside the names on the draw. Rashies must be put on at the marshalling area and not removed till immediately after the heat in the same area. Heats - It is your responsibility to find what heat you are in and to get rashie and be in the water on time. Each heat is 20 Minutes long. Competitors may enter the water 5mins before the end of the previous heat. At the start of each heat a green flag will be displayed and a hooter will sound. At 5mins to go the orange flag will be displayed and a flashing light will be visible. At the end of the heat the hooter will sound and the red flag is displayed. When the heat ends competitors must return immediately to the beach and NO moves are allowed. Return to marshal and remove rashie. Judging - EVERY RIDER will judge 3 heats during the day to get your points, otherwise all points will be revoked for the days event. Competition results - The results from all 10 competitions will count towards the final score. The persons with the highest scores will be deemed the winner and then all placings will follow. Criteria for judging - Each competitor is allowed to catch a maximum of 10 waves and is judged on the 2 best waves. Competitors will be notified at 9 waves and will be called to shore when they have completed 10 waves. Each wave scores a mark out of 10. Competitors are penalised for dropping in or interfering with other competitors on a wave. The most radical manoeuvres in the most critical point of the wave on the biggest wave will score the highest mark.  Only completed manoeuvres will be scored.  Incomplete manoeuvres will score for the total on that wave.