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How To Care For Your Bodyboard

Use a Board BagFollow these simple tips to make sure your prized possession stays in good nik! tip 1. DO NOT leave in direct sunlight - excessive heat can cause deck material or the slick bottom to bubble or delaminate. tip 2. DO NOT leave your board in the car on hot days, even if your board is in a cover. On a 35 degree day the inside of a car can get upwards of 65 degrees leaving your board diagonally in the back of a car can cause it to twist. tip 3. REPAIR any slight delamination or peeling corners ASAP as they will rapidly get worse tip 4. STORE your board vertically, nose down to minimise any damage to joins at tail. Please note: Due to the extreme nature of board sports - NO BOARDS are guaranteed against creasing or breaking! Yes, from time to time there may be manufacturing faults but they are usually really obvious in a short space of time and typically aren't the reason a board will snap or crease 

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