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FTBA 2014 Presentation

Posted on 15th December, 2014 in In The Press, Latest News, Past Events, Rider Recognition

FTBA has had an amazing year, 8 Competitive club rounds, held 5 coaching clinic/safari's, hosted The Jeff Wilcox Memorial for the 2nd year running, held 3 club Public Relations Campaigns/Fundraising and introduced 2 new events to our community called "Boogie Youth - Development Clinic" and "Interclub Challenge".

The club has grown to just over 150 registered members with 50-80 consistently at monthly club comps.

2014-presentation-01We celebrated our 2014 campaign in style at the Sporties Tuncurry on the 30th November. Final placings were blind due to a few rescheduled and cancelled events through the year. The committee were on a tight timeline to get the ball rolling, thus pushing 2014 AGM till Sunday 18th January 2015.

FTBA 2014 Helper of the year

Danny "Mullet" Elliott - A photograph by Eve Albury, $50 Forster Surf & Sport voucher.


2014-presentation-02Junior Helpers of the Year

Billy Kennedy and Josh Aurisch - Both these boys have been so hungry to help and succeed all year.

Billy Kennedy is always helping out. the little froth machine fires on full cylinders 100% of the time.

On one specific occasion jumped in the car with Doddzy at 4:30am to check surf and help set up for event.

Billy also spent the whole weekend in the Beach Marshall Tent for #‎JWM2014‬Josh Aurisch regularly went far and beyond for his Club. Many fundraisers would sell over 100 tickets, cook the BBQ, set up and pack up.

To acknowledge the work these two groms have put back into their club, they have received. Ryan Hardy signed poster and sticker pack, Boogie Man "Secret Safari Voucher, The Bright Youth Foundation and or Dirty Rotten t-shirts. As you can see from the picture on the right they are exhausted. Both worked and surfed hardcore for 2 days.

2014-presentation-03FTBA 2014 Backbones

These amazing parents, keep every member ticking. Full with the finest BBQ, cakes and drinks. The best work crew possible. Many thanks for your support again for FTBA 2014 Campaign. Greg Hill, Tina Gogerly and Greg Williams.

FTBA Trooper of the year - Ben Fletcher

Fury would majority of comps bring a handful of groms, set up, pack up, surf, and judge his arse off every event.
A sign of thank you, we have awarded Fletch and Family with North Coast Holiday Parks Forster Beach - a weekend for two people in a fully self-contained en-suited cabins, only minutes from Forster Main Beach, Forster Waterside Precinct and Wallis Lake.

Australian Bodyboarder of the Year Awards Ticket

2014-presentation-04FTBA 2014 Judge of the Year

This judge has not only defined his judging skill set, he has worked alongside Eppo at the ‪#‎JWM2014‬, awarded Judge of the Event for Teams Challenge and is now spending numerous hours educating and training our next generation of riders in judging.

His passion for our community and sport is like no other.

Daniel Smith picked up an Australian Bodyboarder of the Year presented by Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine ticket, Otterbox case and shirt.

FTBA 2014 Mini Groms

We would like to recognise our 4 Mini Groms.

Massive thanks to Project Bodyboards for crafting a few mini sleds and Hog's Breath Cafe Forster for the hogs and hats.

Shaylin Kennedy, Mia Colins, Noah Dodds and Rhyan Dodds

2014-presentation-05 2014-presentation-06

FTBA 2014 A Division Champion

Ty Aurisch with 6950 points - A photograph by Scotty Fantini Photography, board, Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine subscription, Hogs Breath Voucher, Boogie Man Secret Safari voucher, shirt, Otterbox case and water bottle.

FTBA 2014 A Division 2nd

Stuart Crookston and Josh Aurisch with 5850 points - Boogie Man secret safari voucher, Split Films, water bottle.

FTBA 2014 A Division 3rd

Rory Hill with 5650 points - Flipmode shirt, Flipmode hat, Little Creature leashes, Sunzapper zinc, Gyroll Fin Savers.
A Division competitors - Dirty Rotten VIP cards, wax blocks, Intricate Shockwave shirts, stickers, wax, sun zapper zinc sticks.

2014-presentation-07 2014-presentation-08

2014-presentation-09FTBA 2014 AA Division Champion

Logan Morgan - 6800 points - A photograph by Eve Albury, 4 Play board, Aust Bodyboarder of the year awards ticket, Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine subscription, Hog's Breath Cafe Forster Voucher, shirt, Boogie Man secret safari voucher, otterbox case and water bottle.

FTBA 2014 AA Division 2nd

Flynn Dunn - 6650 points - ATTICA WETSUITS, Boogie Man secret safari voucher, Dirty Rotten tshirt, split films, water bottle

FTBA 2014 AA Division 3rd

Brody Hill - 6530 points - 1 Limited edition fins medium, Aus-Science Gyroll Leashes, Gyroll Fin Savers

2014-presentation-10FTBA 2014 Women's Champion

France Hazar - 6200 points - A photograph by Scotty Fantini, board, Aust Bodyboarder of the Year awards ticket, Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine subscription, shirt, Otterbox case and water bottle

FTBA 2014 Women's 2nd

Eve Albury - 5800 points - little creatures board sock, Adult Snorkel set, Dirty Rotten or Flipmode tshirt, split films, Aus-Science Gyroll Leashes, water bottle

2014-presentation-11FTBA 2014 Masters

Masters Champion - Aaron Dodds - 5500 points

Masters Second - William Kennedy

Masters Third - Simon Patterson

FTBA Masters Division is a bit of fun, sending the old fellas out the back to give our members something to be inspired by... aaahh I mean laugh at.

To celebrate Masters in style, the winner Doddzy received a carton of XXXX Summer Lager and Yoga Avenue class.

2014-presentation-12FTBA 2014 Dropknee Champion

Adam Cheers - 7700 points - A photograph by Anthony Murphy Photography, Aus-Science Gyroll board, Aust Bodyboarder of the year awards ticket, Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine subscription, Hog's Breath Cafe Forster Voucher, shirt, Otterbox case and water bottle.

FTBA 2014 Dropknee 2nd

Kallan Bruce Bragg - 6600 - 1 Stealth Swim Fins, Adult Snorkel set, Dirty Rotten tshirt, split films, water bottle.

FTBA 2014 Dropknee 3rd

Jake Ligtenberg - Little creatures board socks, Gyroll Leashe, Gyroll Fin Savers

2014-presentation-13FTBA 2014 Open Men's Champion

Josh Selmes - 7150 points - Josh has been one of our most consistent members all year. Placed in the top 3 in every Round. Congratulations Josh Selmes. A photograph by Sam Elbourne, Funkshen Bodyboards Board, HD Water Camcorder, Aust Bodyboarder of the Year awards ticket, Hog's Breath Cafe Forster Voucher, Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine subscription, Flipmode shirt, Otterbox case and water bottle.

FTBA 2014 Open Men's 2nd

Mitch Baker - 6400 points - Baker had a late season flurry of wins which cemented him safely in second. Aus-Science Gyroll wetsuit, 1 Stealth Swim Fins board bag, Adult Snorkel set, Dirty Rotten t-shirt, Split films, water bottle.

FTBA 2014 Open Men's 3rd

Kallan Bruce Bragg - 6100 points - Amazing consistent rider and great role model. 1 pair large vipers, Gyroll Leashes, Gyroll Fin Savers

2014-presentation-14FTBA 2014 Most Improved

  • Jeremy Coombes - Passing Through and The Bright Youth Foundation Tees or Dirty Rotten
  • Kobi Simon - Passing Through and Bright Youth size small Tees or Dirty Rotten
  • Anthony Murphy -  Passing Through and Bright Youth size small Tees or Dirty Rotten




  • Long term member of our community and club
  • competed in prone and drop knee at 8/9 comps for 2014.
  • Competed at Interclub Challenge, Jeff Wilcox Memorial and Teams Challenge.
  • Assisted with comp surf check, set up/pack up, judging, mentoring, jumped behind the bbq and helped where needed.
  • The winner travels a few hours each way for comp and never complains.
  • Great role model for up and coming bodyboarders.

This 2014 winner is also known the get on the mic, screamo his ass off and writes/sings comical ballards like "Jesse I wanna be like you", if you haven't guessed by now; Forster Tuncurry Bodyboarder 2014 Member of the Year is Kallan Bragg.



Trophy (photography by Shane Chalker), Club Polo, timber Paipo bodyboard by Simon Patterson, QCD Custom Bodyboard, Australian Bodyboarder of the Year Presented by Riptide Ticket, One on One session with Dave Winchester, Leboogie Passing Though DVD/Book.

Riptide Bodyboarder of the Year Awards

A handful of our members went to Riptide Bodyboarder of the Year Awards and Australian Bodyboarder of the Year Awards night in Manly on 5th December to celebrate a awesome year. Aaron Dodds, Danno, Anthony Murphy, Tory Mitchell and Drew Sheedy all piled in the car and headed off to mingle with bodyboarding royalty.

Our Club President Aaron Dodds was recognised for all the work he has done for the Australian Bodyboarding Community, our community and creating/reviving some of the most successful events, being Boogie Youth and The Jeff Wilcox Memorial.

2014-Riptide-Awards-01 2014-Riptide-Awards-02 2014-Riptide-Awards-03 2014-Riptide-Awards-04 2014-Riptide-Awards-05

Massive thanks to Worimi People for the use of the amazing coastline, all competitors, mums and dads, supporters and most importantly our sponsors. We have some big news coming with a massive 2015 planned. Live your dream, chase the waves, be good to our environment and have a great Christmas and New Years period.

FTBA 2015 Registration Saturday 31st January. For more info please contact us or phone 0408 48 10 48.

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