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2015 Round 4 Presented By Forster Surf & Sport and The Bellevue Hotel

Posted on 21st October, 2015 in Latest News, Past Events

Round 4 of Forster Tuncurry Bodyboarding Association took place on the 31st of August after our winter break. The call was made early to hold it at Bull's Paddock. The forecast swell did not look to have arrived when the crew first set up but by the second heat there were some solid 4ft sets pushing through the line-up. This certainly had the grommets on their toes in their earlier heats.

2015-round4-comp-23Groms Division

Groms hit the water first with Flynn Dunn taking out the first heat of the day with excellent wave selection, scoring him two clean barrels on nice set waves. Jeremy Coombes snuck through into second position with a nice flip on the last wave of the heat. Recent Nationals finalist Jack Rogers hit the early lead in his heat with a very tidy 6 point barrel. Josh Aurisch was hot on his heels though, slamming down his rolls and rev spins and flawless barrel rides.

Masters Division

Masters saw Sam Elbourne come out of retirement to take on Simon Patterson and Ben "Fury" Fletcher. Simon kept busy clocking up many heavy closeouts, while Elbourne and Fury were more selective and it paid off. To finish of the heat all 3 got an all-time party wave.

The swell started to swing further south, the tide dropping and banks did not favour us, now providing most waves with straight up heavy closeouts.

Juniors Division

Junior Men's was very tight. The 5 man, 30min final was dominated from the start with Jumaane Fredricks getting two perfect deep set wave pits scoring high 7's. Doddsy challenged the boys to try bust out a roll, flip or inny instead of wasting waves on closeouts. The heavy lips causing a problem and folding most the boys in half. Jeremy Coombes and Brody Hill were the only ones to come close to Jumaane, finding some good sections to roll out or end carve to rev bowls.

2015-round4-comp-12Dropknee Finals

Dropknee Final was very tough. The straight bank now being a pest, making it very difficult for the boys to get up in time before the bottom turn. Josh Smith''s only wave in final scoring the biggest Wipeout of the Day with a perfect 10 point chair ride. Josh Aurisch scraped through a few bottom turns and closeouts. Donz was all style coming in hot for each closeout trying to bust floats and dragon snaps. But it all came down to Kallan Bragg finding smaller waves with better shape where he could get 3 well ridden waves. Dragon tail snap, rev hacks and barrels.

Open Men's

Open Men's, Brody Hill first found the chicken dinner scoring a magic pit and rev bowl scoring high 6. The heat was on, Jumaane, Jacob Dunn and Kallan Bragg going wave for wave. Closeout vs barrel vs heavy roll. Kallan coming up trumps dominating the heavy sections and coming out in front of the shock waves with some massive rolls.

2015-round4-comp-02Congratulations to last year's "Club Member of the year" whom bagged the Daily Double win in Open Men and Drop Knee of Rnd 4 FTBA's 2015 Campaign.

Massive thanks to the mums and dads that helped throughout the day. The flawless help and management of set up, bbq and judging booth by Daniel and Craig Smith.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors (http://www.forsterbodyboardingclub.com.au/sponsors). All members please make sure you make the effort to thank and support our sponsors.

Next stop September 27th FTBA Rnd 5.

Results For The Day:

Dk Final

  • 1st Kallan Bragg
  • 2nd Thomas Donnelly
  • 3rd Josh Aurisch
  • 4th Josh Smith

Groms Final

  • 1st Josh Aurisch
  • 2nd Jake Rogers
  • 3rd Rory Hill


  • 1st Jumanne Fredericks
  • 2nd Jeremy Coombes
  • 3rd Flynn Dunn
  • 4th Brody Hill
  • 5th Connor Jackson

Open Men

  • 1st Kallan Bragg
  • 2nd Jumanne Fredricks
  • 3rd Brody Hill
  • 4th Jacob Dunn
  • 5th Grant Gardner


  • 1st Sam Elbourne
  • 2nd Ben Fletcher
  • 3rd Simon Patterson
  • 4th Daniel Smith

Massive thank you to all 2015 sponsors:

  • Forster Surf & Sport
  • The Bellevue Hotel Tuncurry
  • Hogs Breath Forster
  • Golden Age Media
  • OtterBox
  • Grand Flavour
  • Sam Elbourne Photo
  • Unite Clothing
  • Anthony Murphy Photography
  • Matilda Blue
  • Da Boogie Man
  • Colleen's Bakery
  • Caught By Eve
  • Primary Screen Printing
  • Salty Threads
  • ‎Riptide Bodyboard Magazine
  • Great Lakes Advocate

Images courtesy of Sam Elbourne Photo and Raw Edge Photography

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