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2015 Round 2 Proudly Presented By Forster Surf & Sport and The Bellevue Hotel

Posted on 31st March, 2015 in Latest News, Past Events

Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association Round 2 (29th March) went down at North Boomerang Beach with a perfect, warm Autumn day of 2-3ft South swell and light NW-NE winds. Wedges in the corner and some playful banks in front provided some entertaining left and rights. The only hiccup was the intense backwash.

Sun's out, buns, guns and bellies were out, families on the beach, the BBQ fired up with the best sausages, bacon n eggs, rissoles and the freshest cakes.

grom birthdayOur Junior Men hit the water first, with Flynn Dunn making the most of a few heavy 3ft sections. All the Juniors struggled early with sticking the rolls and flips.

Open Men's saw the tide dropping with a small change in swell. New member Alex Martin and Thomas Donnelly knocked a few more well known prone riders out. Adam Cheers on consecutive waves in his semi, locking in Inverts, ARS’s, Float Revs and Rolls, showing everyone he is a real contender for 2015 Championship.

In the Groms, Toby Elliott has improved out of sight, Karsyn and Jedd getting some ripper waves early. The Selmes twins, Mitch and Romeo Rory Hill on fire, battled it out at the top.

Drop Knee saw Josh Aurisch having a good dig at it, and Alex Martin showing age has no barriers. Both were on fire, just needed to find the back up waves. Josh Smith, Adam Cheers, Jake Lightenberg and Thomas Donnelly were all just unstoppable.

Masters Division with Anthony Murphy and Tory Mitchell starting on top with some sweet pits and pocket spin to pits. William Kennedy classy spins to pits. Daniel Smith returning from a few weeks in Indo bought back the fight and clocked up some barrel time and perfect rolls. Doddzy struggling to find suitable waves without backwash issues, showing Masters how to get the perfect rinse cycle.

All members need to take note of the following lessons to be learnt from our second comp of the year:

  • Competitors make sure you get two good waves in the bank, build on those if you can to improve your position
  • All riders must be proactive with watching the running sheet and draw - if you miss your heat that's your problem
  • Free surfing is NOT TO HAPPEN in the comp zone. Points will now be deducted if you are caught in the comp zone free surfing.
  • All competitors are to do minimum of 2 heats judging (the more you learn in the judging chair, the better your comp surf knowledge will be).


cheersy-2Waves Of The Day

  • Adam Cheers and Josh Smith demonstrated technical riding with flips, inverts and float revs.
  • Rory Hill Groms Final, perfect pocket spin to barrel - 7
  • Junior Final, all out war, wave for wave. Spins/rolls/barrels - all very clean. Look at more combo manoeuvres.
  • Josh Smith, Opens Rnd 1 heat 4, boosted FLIP with perfect landing - 8.7
  • Adam Cheers, Opens Semi 2, consecutive waves. 1st wave big tweaked extended Invert - 8, 2nd wave perfectly timed ARS - 8.5, 3rd wave forward pocket spin lined up end bowl and massive float reverse - 8.5
  • Jake Ligtenberg, Open Semi 1, combo wave forward, cuttie, to stylish invert - 8.5
  • Thomas Donnelly, DK Final massive floater - 7.5
  • Josh Smith, DK Rnd 1 heat 2, hack to pit to rev - 8.

Most Improved Rider - Toby Elliott

Massive thanks to Greg Hill, Mullet, Jane Dunn, Mr Gardner‎and all members/parents whom helped with setup and managing the comp.

Our senior judges were very impressed with the Connor, Alex, Jake and Jumanne team in the judging tent.

Thanks to Anthony Murphy Photography and ‎Raw Edge Photography who documented our event. Please show your respect and appreciation by tagging, liking and sharing the images. Massive thank you.

We have some amazing sponsors so please remember, the more we support them the more they will support us!

FTBA 2015 Round 2 Results.

Proudly Supported By Forster Surf and Sport and The Bellevue Hotel

Groms (Under 14yrs of age)

  • 1st ‎Rory Hill
  • 2nd ‎Ben Selmes‎
  • 3rd Mitch Welstead‎
  • 4th Joel Selmes‎

Juniors (Under 18yrs of age)

  • 1st ‎Grant Gardner‎
  • 2nd ‎Jacob Dunn
  • 3rd Flynn Dunn
  • 4th Jeremy Coombes ‎

Opens Men

  • 1st Adam Cheers‎
  • 2nd ‎Josh Smith‎
  • 3rd‎ Thomas Donnelly‎
  • 4th ‎Jake Ligtenberg‎

Drop Knee

  • 1st Josh Smith‎
  • 2nd Adam Cheers‎
  • 3rd Thomas Donnelly ‎
  • 4th Jake Ligtenberg ‎

Masters (Over 30yrs of age)

  • 1st ‎Daniel Smith‎
  • 2nd Anthony Murphy‎
  • 3rd William Kennedy
  • 4th Tory Mitchell‎

FTBA Social evening and meeting 19th April @ Hoggies

FTBA Round 3 will be on Sunday 26th April

Massive thank you to all 2015 Sponsors

  • Forster Surf & Sport
  • The Bellevue Hotel
  • Hogs Breath Forster
  • Golden Age Media
  • OtterBox
  • Grand Flavour
  • Anthony Murphy Photography
  • Unite Clothing
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